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Cancelled for 2020

Thank you to all who have participated and helped make this a successful event. We have decided to take a year off from hosting. We will keep in touch and let you know what fun events we come up with in the future!
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Congratulations to our CLIMBERS!!!

We have checked the data and we have our first King & Queen of the Mountains!


The King of the Mountains is Richard Crowgey with an average speed of 8.8mi/h and a total time of 5:28min.


The Queen of the Mountains is Emily Griffith with an average speed of 6.2mi/h and a total time of 7:44min.


Both riders completed the Green + Red loops.


We do have an honorable mention for Chris Busher. He completed the Green loop twice and really tore up the hill on the second lap only to miss the KOM by 25 seconds. He rode the hill with an average of 8.2mi/h and a total time of 5:53min.


Great job to all of our riders!

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