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The Wheels of Hope Ride started with a journey of mine that no one ever wants to take. It began in July of 2003 when I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. Over the next 20 months I went through multiple rounds of chemo that culminated with a stem cell transplant.

During that time, numerous friends helped me through those difficult times. Some volunteered to walk, bike, canoe, or kayak with me. Others delivered meals to our door or invited me over for nutritious meals in their home. The outpouring of friendship and goodwill was simply extraordinary. During a particularly difficult period of treatments, I promised myself that if I made it through, I would do something to give-back to my friends, neighbors, and community. Then, during Christmas 2004, I was stunned when some of bicycling friends presented me with a beautiful bicycle as they sang carols on our front lawn! I had my inspiration! After many months of recovery, I asked my friends if they would help me host a ride as a fundraiser for cancer survivorship, and I received an enthusiastic yes!

After being the ride organizer for five years, I turned the reins over to others to continue onward. I am extremely fortunate and proud to live in a community where so many are eager to offer their friendship and support to hold such an event. Please come join us for a bicycle ride.

Get inspired!

Bill Zahuranec

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